How to Remove and Replace a Bathtub Spout

A bathtub spout that stops working correctly is fairly a common problem for every home user. Either it begins to leak around the base of the spout where it enters the wall, or the diverter valve used to direct water up to a shower head stops working correctly. There are different types of leak issues that demand the services of a Plumber to get prevention as soon as possible.

when the shower diverter on the spout is faulty, resulting in water that no longer fully channels up to the showerhead and instead continues to dribble out of the spout. This problem is not damaging, but it is quite annoying. Choose the relevant tools and supplies such as new faucet spout, Screwdriver, Hex wrench (if necessary), Pipe wrench or large channel-lock pliers and Steel wool or emery cloth.

Replace a slip-on spout by turning off the water tub and carefully scrape away the caulk where the spout meets the wall, using a putty knife or utility knife. Block the drain opening with a rag. This will prevent the set-screw from getting lost down the drain. Remove the set-screw on the bottom of the spout by turning it counter-clockwise. Most set-screws have hex heads that require an Allen wrench, but some are a Phillips-head or flat-head screw. Take hold of the spout with both hands and pull it straight out from the wall.

Clean the stub-out pipe until it is shiny. Check the inside of the pipe for burrs or rough spots, especially if you have just cut it. Slide the new spout onto the pipe until the base meets the wall. Align the spout so that the opening points straight down. Insert and tighten the set-screw by turning it clockwise. Replace the small cover cap in the screw opening.